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Please note:

I have attempted to create a website as free as possible of errors: If you disagree with anything on this website, or even if you just have doubts, please inform me.

Thank you!!!

Many thanks to the people who provided support for this effort:

Rafael Evangelista; for the use of his excellent photographs (the date stamped photos), and for his kind heart and sharp mind.; This outstanding forum is a treasure trove of knowledge from dedicated fruit enthusiasts.

The U.S. National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS); for their invaluable classification, information, and photos of mulberry accessions.

Morus Londinium project; An intriguing British website dedicated to uncovering and preserving the history of London's mulberry tree heritage.

Facebook's Mulberry Growers USA; Brings mulberry enthusiasts from all over the world together.

Tower of London Black Mulberry

The Tower of London Black Mulberry 

(from the Morus Londinium project)

Note: Table may not appear, or appear correctly, on cell phones.

Online Mulberry Plant Nurseries and Scionwood Sources

(Please contact me if you have a favorite source for mulberry plants you would like to see added to this list.)

*: Ratings as per "Garden Watchdog" (; Listed are the number of positive vs negative reviews (as of 1/27/2019).

These are just a sampling of the multitude of nurseries that offer mulberries.

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